Sectigo and NetObjex Partner up to protect IoT

by | Jul 22, 2019 | IoT Companies

Sectigo one of the massive provide of Certificate Authority, formerly called, Comodo CA comes with some new developments. Moreover, Sectigo also provides a set of purpose-built as well as automation PKI solutions for management.

In the later part of this week, Sectigo announces that the company is going to collaborate with NetObjex to meet the prospect that make Internet of Things good. On the other hand, NetObjex is a smart Automation Platform which tracks, traces, monitors the digital assets such as blockchain, AI, and IoT.

With the collaboration Sectigo and NetObjex would provide the manufacturers and enterprises with a completely secure and trust-worthy infrastructure for computing. In addition to this, the computing infrastructure extends all the way from Internet of Things edge devices to blockchain and cloud.

The CEO of NetObjex, Raghu Bala says that the company’s collaboration with Sectigo who help them to extend their comprehensive platform. The collaboration would offer cutting-edge security for their enterprise customers. Over time, the growth of the edge devices has dramatically increased. Moreover, this also increases the risk concerning the violent data breaches.

In the long run Sectigo embedded device hardening technologies as well as a completely purpose-built management which has third-party certificate issuance. The technology would allow the enterprises for protecting the most crucial data.

The Internet of Things adoption is growing everyday, and it is getting stronger all together well. Furthermore, Internet of Things is becoming much smarter, and getting into more capable devices. It is also expanding into the infrastructure of the conventional enterprise IT. Additionally, the companies are also predicting that adoption of the Internet of Things would delve beyond cloud environment and data center.

The wide array of environments is often coupled with a prevalent phase of data breaches. Enterprises around the world are trying to secure the computing infrastructure to protect the devices.

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