Samsung will lead in IoT after 5G becomes mainstream

by | Jul 4, 2019 | IoT Companies

By the looks of it, Samsung is going to introduce much more connected appliances or Internet of Things devices. Moreover, these devices can easily be controlled via the modern-day smartphones in South Asian country, India. However, the South Korean conglomerate is waiting for the day when the market will feature 5G connectivity.

The revelation of Samsung’s forthcoming moves concerning IoT came from one of the top executives of the company. Samsung played a pivotal role in introducing the Internet of Things devices such as refrigerators and washing machines in India.

Sunggyu Koo, the VP of IoT Home of Samsung, had an interview with IANS. During the interview, Koo said that they are presently working to provide the next-gen cutting-edge Internet of Things experience for the prospective users across the world. Nevertheless, the Internet of Things has caused a significant impact along with an acceptance of Internet of Things in the western counties.

Over the course of time, the usage of the Internet of Things would increase significantly in countries like India after 5G becomes mainstream. IoT is generally the vast network of devices which are connected. On the other hand, they are also the sensors which stay connected to the internet 24/7.

Samsung has recently introduced an IoT dedicated platform, namely SmartThings, which can help consumers to connect a wide array of smart devices. The company is also looking forward to expanding the lineup of the products by introducing a SmartThings camera, Wi-Fi plug and light bulb.

Back in 2018, the technology conglomerate launched the first generation of smart plus QLED TV. Additionally, the TV also features Samsung’s virtual assistant called Bixby. The inception of QLED smart TV was Samsung’s first move to combine Internet of Things with conventional electronic appliances. Samsung claims that it provides a high level of security for the products incorporating IoT.

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