Samsung, the Korean tech giant, has recently collaborated with O2, a leading telecom firm to develop advanced 5G ambulance for the NHS- National Health Services in London. As per the report, both the companies will start testing the modern ambulance at the end of September 2019. The East of England Ambulance Trust’s eight ambulances will be selected to install the new technologies. There will also be a support for field data collection and real-time video.

Talking more on it, COO of O2, Derek McManus stated that the global health care services are going through increasing pressure. However, healthcare industries are set to enjoy maximum benefits from new 5G technology. It will further lead to effective treatment, better savings and will faster the entire process. That’s why the company is initiating the Smart Ambulance trials under the project called AutoAir 5G. The company expects that it will speed up the adoption of self-driving and connected driving technology.

Samsun will provide its all-new Galaxy S10 devices for the trail as the devices come equipped with 5G technology. On the other side, O2 is agreed to provide the 5G connectivity at Proving Ground of Millbrook. It is a vehicle testing centre located in Bedford. The trials of the vehicles will be conducted at this centre.

The report further stated that, for real-time video and remote health care technology, Visionable will offer its technology. Talking about Visionable, it is a company operated by Telefonica, the parent company of O2. On the other hand, Launchcloud will provide the technology to collect and automate the data.

The companies expect that this will take the critical and pre-hospital critical care to the next level. It will help in saving lives and reduce the level of strain on the NHS and doctors.

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