Samsung and Fuze will Capitalize IoT along with 5G

by | Mar 19, 2019 | IoT Companies

Samsung Electronics of America, as well as Fuze, are going to combine their forces for tackling some of the most significant recent technologies in the world right now.

The leader in smartphone manufacturer, as well as the prominent provider of cloud communication, have reportedly announced their goal focused on a lasting partnership. The collaboration isn’t just limited to improve the level of compatibility between the hardware by Samsung as well as Fuze’s software. Together the companies are going to reveal the first of their collaborative efforts in the present week’s event – Enterprise Connect.

The collaborative companies have also said that by merging the mobile devices of Samsung with Fuze’s remarkable software as well as services. The aim of the companies is to meet the end users’ demand for the 5G connectivity along with the Internet of Things. They are also going to work together to deploy the best solution based on machine learning. Samsung and Fuze feel that machine learning, IoT and 5G are the next big thing in the tech industry. These technologies have the potential of reshaping and converging the workforce of the modern day.

The Sr. Vice President of Samsung, Taher Behbehani said that Samsung has the potential for removing the collaborative barrier for the customers of the enterprise as they are joining their forces with Fuze. With Fuze Samsung is going to garner immersive flexibility as well as agility.

The era of 4G has come to an end, 5G is coming, and the new connectivity technology is going to change the workforce all around the globe. Samsung and Fuze are aiming to help their customers in a better way to do business.

Fuze is going to tailor the UCaaS platform for the future devices from Samsung such as the awaited Galaxy Fold smartphone.

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