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by | Mar 14, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

During the Christmas season and the national holiday, the devices based on the Internet of Thing are extremely popular as gifts. The trend constitutes a massive shift in the way how the products are usually designed and made. Given that the IoT devices as comprised of the network connectivity. Nevertheless, these products were not supposed to have significant functionality: Network Connectivity.

There is a subtle way to know if a person has IoT devices with him or not. For instance, when the refrigerator in a person’s home sends him/her the message that the milk has finished, it is a subtle sign which says that the fridge is an IoT device. Even the modern-day thermostat which displays the graphs on the smartphone is nothing but the Internet of Things. Anyway, the real meaning is any device which is designed for consumers and it is capable of connecting itself to a cellular network is deemed as IoT. This makes Tablet, Phone, router, and computer IoT devices.

The most important concern when it comes to IoT devices is security. Over the years there has been a significant improvement in IoT; nevertheless, there are some new vulnerabilities in the course of time.

The latest threat that is affecting these IoT devices is the compromise in credentials. The attackers around the globe use these credentials in both mobile and web applications which are generally used by the Internet of Things devices for acquiring the credentials. Later these details can be used for viewing the video feed, alarms, videos clips that are stored away in cloud storage as well as the information of the account.

The attackers, in the long run, can also utilize these credentials when it comes to pushing forward the firmware update of the device. They can also change the functionality of the devices one the breach is done.

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