Russian hackers use IoT devices to breach distinctive networks

by | Aug 7, 2019 | IoT News

The hackers that come from a Russian background are often considered to be elite hackers around the world. Well, the bad news is that these elite group of hackers is using several connected devices to breach into different networks around the world. 

By the looks of it, these hackers are using the video decoders, printers, and other Internet of Things devices to breach into the corporate networks across the globe. The report comes from the distinctive Microsoft officials who keep tabs on cybersecurity sphere around the world. 

The researchers of the software giant did uncover the attacks back in April 2019. The hackers were remotely operating the office printer alongside a video decoder in several communication locations. The most shocking revelation is that these servers belong to STRONTIUM. By the looks of it, STRONTIUM is a popular government group that focuses on hacking. Moreover, the Russian hacking group is also called APT28 or Fancy Bear. 

The center of threat intelligence at Microsoft said that the Internet of Things devices are becoming the point of entrance and due to this, the attackers can make their presence established into the network. The officials also said that the attackers are also looking to access more of these devices.

According to officials, once the hackers successfully establish access to the network, a simple scan to the system can spot the unsecured devices. The devices allow the attackers to move all around the system and to discover it. On the other hand, the attackers also lookout for a privileged account which grants access to the higher value to data.

According to several IoT enthusiasts and experts, around 50 billion of Internet of Things devices will be connected to the internet across the globe. The primary purpose of the IoT devices is curated to design to a singular network. Most of the IoT devices connect to the internet, given that they do not have proper security protocols.

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