RIDDLE&CODE, one of the leading providers of blockchain interface solutions in Europe is all set to launch the DLT hardware wallet with control over the Daimler Financial services-led Consortium that will offer open car wallet solution.

With the car wallets, a wide range of usage comes into existence, starting from the car-sharing to the Autonomous vehicles. It allows the sharing of data related to secure traffic between the vehicles and the environments of the smart city. This helps in reducing congestion lowering the premiums of insurance. In instances of accidents, the blockchain-certified data can be made use of.

The launch is an example of a global market leader, placing bets on the DLT-based innovations as well as on the European industry collaboration. The open mobility services will assist in building new models for business. It is expressive of the ability to continuously offer value-added services without any disruption, which will help in the creation of new marketplaces for energy, mobility, and finance.

As a part of the DLT Consortium, RIDDLE&CODE offered a settlement layer, vehicle identity and trusted data provenance. The autonomous cars are computing devices and function consistently to gain trust. The secure identity authenticates the approval of the code used within the vehicles and ensures the trustworthiness of the exchanged data. With the incorporation of ledgers and cryptographic hardware, RIDDLE&CODE ensure the automobile ready for the future markets.

RIDDLE&CODE uses secure element 2.0 for the creation of the hardware wallet solution to equip vehicles with protected blockchain identity. Combining that with the standard vehicle identity helps in the creation of secured and unique ledger transactions. Other partners of the Blockchain platform are Evan.Network for providing the network layer, Blockchain Helix for the provision of human digital identity solution and 51 Nodes for the smart contracts.

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