Revised set of Mirai Botnet targets IoT devices

by | Apr 10, 2019 | IoT News

The vicious botnet malware called Mirai is held responsible for a chain the significant DDoS attacks aka Denial of Service Attacks in the year 2016. A security reporter Brian Krebs said that over time Mirai botnet has gone through massive updates. As of now, the developers are trying to utilize the open source code which has been widely distributed around the world.

According to Unit 42 Palo Alto Networks’ Researchers, they have come forward and issued the details of newly found samples of the notorious botnet in late February. Judging by the published feature, the botnet has so far targeted OpenRISC, Altera Nios II, Xilinx MicroBlaze, and Tensilica Xtensa processors. The affected processors are widely utilized on a wide array of embedded systems such as networked sensors, router, band radios meant for digital signal processors and cellular communications.

The modified version of Mirai botnet comes with a cutting edge encryption algorithm to initiate botnet communication. There is also a new segment of the original Mirai TCP SYN DDoS attack. The researchers of Unit 42 have uncovered a new signature of the brand new attack option. And now these researchers can easily trace any activity made by the different variant of Mirai botnet has ever made since 2018.

The data center of Digital Ocean located in Amsterdam was responsible for discovering the new samples of the modified Mirai botnet as it made its way to a single server. It was the same server which hosted different other versions of the exploits that Mirai has conducted in the past years. The botnet targeted Netgear, D-Link, Huawei along with Realtek devices. According to the sources, the Mirai botnet has also affected ThinkPHP which has been developed by the Chinese. Evidently, these are not the first expanded version of the Mirai botnet which has targeted numerous platforms.

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