Restroom powered by the Internet of Things

by | Jun 24, 2019 | IoT News

The future of restrooms is finally here, well, smart restrooms, to be precise. Jan/San distributors, on the other hand, have been extremely busy in embracing the technology. Moreover, they are also offering a very lucrative service offering, which has the potential of skyrocketing the value along with the relevance of the cleaning industry.

In the last few years, the manufacturers are focusing on cleaning supply have reportedly embarked a few ambitious R&D initiatives. The initiatives are taken to curate cutting edge restroom devices which are connected to the internet at all times. These devices are known as IoT or Internet of Things devices.

The paper and soap dispenser based on Internet of Things utilized the smart sensors placed on them. These sensors help to monitor the service life along with consumable levels for utilization. The data is then boosted via cellular networks to the cloud. The janitors then get alerted about the updates of the dispersers via a simple SMS alert on their phones. The janitors will be able to refill and restock in real-time.

The data which has been collected on the devices will allow distributors such as jan/San & end users for tracking utilization trends over time. Presently, the technology is finally live and has also been piloted by manufacturers to ramp up the efforts.

For quite some time now, the growth of the smart restrooms is entirely in a buzz concerning the cleaning industry. There is the cost barrier that comes in the way of purchasing and producing the connected devices, Jan/san distributors and network security concerns. The breakthrough of smart restrooms is not very popular as of now. Nevertheless, by the end of 2019, things might be different for these devices and sensors.

The technology might be in an early stage of adoption, but its potential is limitless.

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