The Internet of Things (IoT) company of the Reliance Group, Unlimit has come up with a new end-to-end tracking solution, designed exclusively to meet the requirements of the logistics sector.

This new IoT solution is known as Tracksuite. The main purpose of Tracksuite is to provide help to the companies in tracking, securing, analyzing, and ensuring productivity of cargo, vehicle fleets, and warehouses by taking into account the data points like driving behaviour, the route is taken, security, and temperature maintenance.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unlimit, Jurgen Hase said, “Typically, the transport and logistics sectors work efficiently if connectivity, scheduling, compliance, and security are well aligned – and this is exactly what Tracksuite does.”

According to the IoT updates, the Tracksuite solution combines four services – Tracklite, Tracksense, Trackfleet, and Tracksure. The job of Tracklite is to track huge consignments as well as individual packages in the consignment. Tracklite consists of rugged, wireless, and portable tracking devices that come with long-life batteries to aid extended operations.

Tracksense helps to remotely monitor necessary parameters such as humidity and temperature based on the defined guidelines. The third service, Trackfleet aids in fleet-tracking and has been developed keeping in mind the smartphone apps. Furthermore, Tracksure offers end-to-end tracking right from the time the assets start from the warehouse until they reach their destination.

Unlimit started its operations back in July 2016. It provides business enterprises end-to-end services and solutions such as device management and application platform, advanced analytics, and managed connectivity.

Hase claimed that he believes the annual yield from the IoT operations of Unlimit in India will reach up to 300 to 400 million dollars in the upcoming three years. The IoT Company is very hopeful about its new solution and expects it will tremendously benefit the companies in the logistics industry.