The 5G self-driving car tested by LG Uplus and Hanyang Uni in Seoul

by | Mar 22, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

“The LG Uplus Company and Hanyang University together tested 5G self-driving car in Seoul to demonstrate how it could solve traffic problems. The Company director said in the meeting that our ultimate goal is significantly reducing human errors and increasing safety on roads with this amazing IoT innovation.”

LG Uplus, a telecom Company based in South Korea, used its 5G network for the trial to demonstrate a driverless vehicle drive in the heavy traffic for almost 25 minutes and 8 kms. The car reacted amazingly towards the vehicles and lanes around it. It was near to level 4 driverless autonomy and performance was marked just the excellent.

Level 4 signifies that car is able to work as the driverless taxi and user is not expected to take over. Also, wheels, steering, or pedals need not even be installed. The level 5 shows full autonomy and it can be used under all conditions without any supervision.

According to the expert, it was like I am sitting with an expert driver and can do anything I want to do because car is travelling itself through crowded highways. The vehicle is fitted with Light detection and ranging technology (LIDAR) in addition to radar sensors. LIDAR emits light to check how close are the objects around the vehicle while radar uses radio waves to detect the presence of objects around it.

5G enables the real-time communication due to its low latency features and maintains the maximum safety. Unlike its competitions, LG Uplus makes sure that it has taken full advantage of 5G technology and IoT helps collecting road data accurately using AI to boost its driving skills. Over the time, it is expected that self-driving cars will improve the road safety by eliminating human errors and it will prevent road accidents too.

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