Radio Bridge and Senet combined forces for Accelerating IoT

by | Jul 16, 2019 | IoT News

One of the leading cloud software and services platforms Senet announces a groundbreaking partnership with a leading designer, Radio Bridge. Senet, Inc believes in enabling networking build-out and worldwide connectivity for the IoT. On the other hand, Radio Bridge designs and manufactures wireless long-range LoRa sensors which are pocket-friendly.

Radio Bridge accelerates the curation as well as delivery of scalable yet secure Internet of Things applications. All through the partnership, the designing company is all set to offer its customers the option of purchasing LoRaWAN Senet connectivity through the device manager. On the other hand, Senet is a free web-based service that automatic monitoring, provisioning, & configuration of the low-cost wireless sensors.

The integration provides the customers of Radio Bridge, which would access the massive LoRaWAN networking in the heart of North America. Moreover, it is also the fastest-growing worldwide, LPWA Internet of Things network.

On the other hand, Senet is also a long-time standing leader when it comes to the Internet of Things market. Additionally, it is also incredibly unique in creating a complete global LoRaWAN network coverage all through innovative connectivity & business model. According to the CEO of Radio Bridge, the collaboration allows the system and solution developers of numerous kinds of verticals.

The idea is to build applications by merely using the vast array of device and sensor management, as they are compatible and integrated with Senet network. Radio Bridge delivers a solution to the developers with the right amount of tools. Most importantly, the tools that are needed to efficiently test the devices and bring the enterprise-class Internet of Things applications directly to the market.

They also believe in delivering a massive amount of time-to-market advantage. In addition to this, the Senet developer portal would offer free access to the network of Senet. Furthermore, the Radio Bridge device management console would monitor, configure, and provision sensors for building optimum end-user applications.

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