Practical Arduino and IoT Workshop – 18 AUG 2019

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This is a one-day hands-on program on Arduino prototyping board and NodeMCU(IoT). The sessions are designed to get participants hands-on with Arduino prototyping board and learn to interface sensors/actuators. The program also includes an overview of the NodeMCU platform and ESP8266. NodeMCU is an ESP8266 SoC based board for building IoT products. Join this workshop to start your journey into the world of Open Hardware and start building electronics and IoT products.

Topics Covered

Arduino Platform Overview
Introduction to IoT
Benefits, applications & working of IoT
Setting up the development environment
Getting started with Arduino Programming
Understanding sensors, actuators & modules
Implementing IoT Wifi applications in NodeMCU
Deploying an IoT server on cloud
Interaction between IoT server and NodeMCU
Other practical implementations using Arduino UNO & NodeMCU


Opencube Labs, Bhuvaneswari Nagar, Dasarahalli, Bengaluru, India

Date: 18 AUG 2019

Time: 10:00AM – 4:00 PM (IST)

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