Phathizwe Malinga addresses Internet of Things Dilemma

by | Mar 23, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

One of the most crucial events focusing on the Internet of Things is all set to be organized in Africa on the 26th of March to 27th of March 2019. By the looks of it, the event will take place in the famous Gallagher Convention Centre located in Johannesburg in South Africa.

In the year 2019 is going to become the third year when the highly anticipated IoT Forum Africa 2019 will take place. The event is going to bring the experts in IoT technology, devices, and sensors from Africa. It is predicted that the event is going to create a platform for the big players in the industry who will be sharing their knowledge of the real-world trends, solutions, and challenges that IoT is comprised of.

The tagline of the event is “Driving Performance, Growth & Profitability” along with the IoT. On the other hand, the conference is going to unpack on how the business will be able to harness the underlying value of businesses that IoT provides today.

SqwidNET CEO, Phathizwe Malinga shared a few things with the IT News Africa before he even wanted to provide a presentation at the forthcoming 2019 IoT Forum Africa. Malinga said that his company is aiding many organizations in Africa to transform into a digital atmosphere.

By the looks of it, SqwidNET will also provide an organization which is on the path of digitalization to access a swarm of plug and play devices as they offer the business class nationwide dominance. With SqwidNET the process of conversion is relatively simple as everything is Plug and Play.

The company also helps the organizations’ preset tech partner and makes it a part of the Ecosystem of SqwidNET Internet of Things Ecosystem.

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