Paytm will bring the Internet of Things with SoundBox to carry out Digital Payments

by | Jun 4, 2019 | IoT Companies

After a very long time, Paytm has given a good piece of news to the world. Paytm has been one of the leading digital payments organization across the world more than people can count. Moreover, it is connected to the downfall in the profits along with the officials of the company leaving their positions to move on to something better. Nevertheless, it was time that Paytm brought something that would make the company glorious again.

Paytm was highly successful in India during the phase of demonetization. Since the monetization, the company has welcomed new and better methods of payment options for users across the world. Paytm made it possible to recharge different cellular networks, books, tickets for movies, and much more options. And now Paytm has grown into a complete system for banks.

In India Paytm included the BHIM UPI which eases the procedure of payment all through Paytm. In spite of several cutting edge innovations, Paytm has seemingly lost the battle to please and was ultimately replaced by Google Pay as well as PhonePe became mainstream.

Now, India’s first of its kind payment app is going to introduce a smart payment gadget called the ‘Soundbox.’ The Soundbox is more of an Internet of Things device which is going to smoothen the procedure related to payment.

The speaker comes with a dedicated SIM card slot which has been curated by MediaTek MT6261 SoC. MediaTek is extremely renowned to power the next generation of mobile devices such as Sony Xperia XA and Sony Xperia XA Plus. With the speaker, the retailers do not have to worry regarding the details of the payment because the device will be connected to the Internet 24/7.

The speaker is curated keeping the retailers in mind, moreover, the retailers who usually lose the authenticated payment messages. The Soundbox also comes with the cutting edge 4G network connectivity.

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