Paris will soon incorporate the IoT-enabled benches

by | Sep 13, 2019 | IoT Companies

The conventional park benches across Paris has its origin from the public works project by the acclaimed Seine Department’s Baron Haussmann during the glorious mid-19th century. By the looks of it, the history behind the Paris benches makes it completely beautiful and iconic. However, Paris is curating an all-new generation of the digitized park benches which can easily exploit the hidden capabilities of the IoT.

Furthermore, this would extend the smart city initiative which is going to take effect across Paris. According to sources, around 3,000 benches across Paris will incorporate a cutting-edge technological makeover which would feature IoT sensors as well as connection points for Bluetooth.

Groupe Saint Leonard’s head of deployment, Bertrand Mallet said that they are in need to find a solution which has low cost, low power and also robust durability to last almost a decade. The new piece of news comes to the recent press release provided by the smart bench manufacturers, Groupe Saint Leonard.

The first step of the project is the pilot testing of the technology which would use the sensors that have been designed extensively to monitor the environmental location and data. These benches would take stalk of the atmospheric pressure, temperature, among others. Moreover, the sensors embedded in these benches have the two-tier capabilities to make sure that the analytics are collected explicitly from the sensors.

The first-ever tied of the analytics would be the baseline data which a vendor needs to provide like traffic frequency, location as well as utilization of space, environment, and others. Moreover, these sets of analytics would be available immediately to users like the planners of the urban city. In this way, they can keep tabs on the traffic of the city and how much time is usually spent by the people in certain spaces. The visitors can also interact to see if they are satisfied with the facilities of the park.

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