Palma Ceia SemiDesign garners the excellent solution award at IoT Expo

by | Sep 3, 2019 | IoT News

PCS or Palma Ceia Semi Design is a provider of next-generation and cutting-edge wireless connectivity solutions. The company has recently announced that it has received the notable Excellent Solution Award for its recent groundbreaking technology. Moreover, the company has received the accolade for its new HaLow product. The award ceremony took place during the Smart City Exhibition in China’s Shenzhen.

Palma Ceia SemiDesign’s chief executive officer, Roy E. Jewell said that the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine connectivity. These technological advancements will be found everywhere in a few years. Moreover, the technology will be used in significant applications. According to Jewell, the current market incorporates the cellular and Wi-Fi Internet of Things devices are currently used in the tools for vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Moreover, they are also tracking the condition and movement of fruits and vegetables which are about to get perished. Jewell also said that people could expect the company to provide cutting-edge connectivity solutions for driving positive personal and business outcomes. Moreover, the award that the company has garnered is validating the new HaLow solutions, which are made from silicon.

In the long run, the technological advancement who lead the market in terms of price, performance, and customer adoption. On the other hand, the Wi-Fi HaLow by PCS is the new industry stand module, which is getting popular by the conventional Wi-Fi Alliance. HaLow, on the other hand, is targeted to the development of M2M and the Internet of Things RF communication.

The cutting-edge HaLow standard usually runs in a specific Sub-GHz range. On the other hand, it also transmits and receives the connectivity from longer distances. On the other hand, a singular access point of HaLow has the capability of supporting over 8,000 devices. HaLow has also been designed keeping the low-power operation as the fundamental principle. The low-power service allows the tech to operate for at least ten years in some of the applications.

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