Overdrive aims to connect and empower markets and industries with IoT

by | May 3, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The rapid growth of the IoT devices and sensors around the world are continuously transforming both small as well as large scale business. The core value of the Internet of Things devices is to extract information, analyze them and use the insights provided by the cutting edge device to make better business decisions. Overdrive as a company is aiding the enterprise with the necessary building blocks for the Internet of Things solutions.

Long story short, Overdrive is paving digitization in the physical world. The solution and infrastructure of the company will help in unique businesses in building rich applications for improving the experience of the customers. Overdrive works as an Internet of Things platform that provides automation to sense data of numerous types right within the ecosystem of the business ranging from machinery and vehicles to people and goods.

The company came into being in the year 2015. And in no time, Overdrive delivered a reliable working system to its clients and customers around the world, both small scale and large scale implementation like FedEx, Sentosa, Ascendas, Nanyang Tech University, Singapore’s Manpower Ministry and lastly the German automobile maker, Volkswagen. The company had a single goal before its establishment, to enhance the lives of the people and make things their lives better.

When Overdrive was providing the cutting edge solutions which are now deemed as IoT, the term Internet of Things was not even conceived. The team of remarkable engineers curated many industry application and also deployed the solutions on vehicles, embedded devices, smartphones and also various types of sensors. And the commitment that the company had towards the technology, it turned into a reliable Internet of Things platform.

Overdrive understands that the IoT devices come in all shapes and sizes and the IoT devices are not confined to a single standard. The CEO and Co-Found Aston believe that with Overdrive the information from IoT sensors and devices can be gathered and integrated directly to the platform.

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