According to the latest IoT news, Osram has made it very clear that it has turned into an acquisition property. Moreover, the company has even stated that it will overhaul some of its approaches to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company said that it’s in talks with the private equity organizations Bain Capital and Carlyle Group for joint annexation of the Munich company. The interest of Bain in Osram initially came up around two months before, when the other financial organizations also had interest.

In a recent press release, Osram said, “Osram Licht AG confirms market rumors that Bain Capital and Carlyle Group are considering a joint acquisition of up to 100% of the company’s shares.” Further, Osram explained, “The company is currently engaged in detailed discussions with the interested parties. It is not yet clear whether there will be an investment by Bain Capital and Carlyle Group. It is also possible that the discussions fail. By legal requirements, Osram Licht AG will further inform the capital market and the public in due course.”

This news surfaced as Osram struggles for finding its position in this era of LED lighting where the long-lasting bulbs are forcing vendors into abandoning their existing business model that focuses on selling newer lamps along with their replacements.

Osram is now trying hard to become a data company, hoping to improve lighting infrastructure by making use of communication chips and sensors which help in collecting data, routing it to Internet, analyzing it, and supporting the end users in improving operations of lighting, cooling and heating, space optimization, property management, asset and inventory tracking, customer engagement, security, and many more.

Thorsten Muller, the senior VP of Innovations and Innoventures said, “In the transformation of Osram into a high-tech company, it is essential to remain flexible and to question the paths taken constantly.” 

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