Orient Electric will release more IoT products

by | Sep 16, 2019 | IoT Companies

Orient Electric of the CK Birla Group is making plans for introducing the cutting-edge and modern Internet of Things products. Moreover, the Indian electrical conglomerate will curate several products that will have the fundamental nature of the Internet of Things. These IoT enabled products would come into being in the electronic devices for the consumers in India. In addition to this, CK Birla Group would also curate commercial lighting.

As of now, the company has become extremely successful in producing and manufacturing different appliances such as air coolers, water heaters, fans, among others. The best part is all of the appliances are equipped with the smart Internet of Things technology which is connected to a network, 24/7.

According to sources, Orient Electric is trying to make the consumer aware of its presence in the IoT industry by collaborating with an international company. The maker of the small appliances De’Longhi Group which is based in Italy. Just like Orient Electric, De’Longhi Group is also trying to expand its reach to the audience with the premium brands such as Kenwood, De’Longhi & Braun.

Rakesh Khanna, the CEO of Orient Electric recently said that they are making plans to introduce several smart products in the commercial and consumer lighting. In addition to this, they are also going to increase their reach by simply offering several other products that currently exist.

As of now, they also intend to limiting their utter focus on the existing product range as there will be a massive opportunity and potential. In the long run, it would increase the demand for IoT products in a particular segment. Moreover, the company would also keep on challenging the status quo of all the segments. As of now, Orient Electric is working with some of the established as well as innovative startups for curating the smart products for the consumers.

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