Organizations have Internet of Things plans but do not know how to achieve them

by | Jun 10, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The ultimate promise of the Internet of Things is to connect anything which can be connected to the Internet. It would improve the operations across different fields and solve the massive business problems. In real-life application of cost-controlling echos all through operations teams, office boardrooms as well as IT departments. Moreover, the OT/IT decision-makers and Business leaders are incredibly optimistic regarding what the Internet of Things could accomplish to make the organizations better.

Sadly, the level of optimism also gives rise to a massive amount of uncertainty, which also involves the stance regarding the implementation goals. Most importantly, in the areas which support the solution. The solutions are responsible for the user in the sphere that will satisfy the company and the resource that the company pours into IoT.

Longview IoT for Informa Engage has recently published a study which speaks about the utilization of solutions to meet up with the objective of the company. The study would also reveal where the solutions can be procured to make the most out of the IoT devices.

According to Longview, the greatest challenge of the Internet of Things lies in the implementation. It is essential for an organization to know what they want to do with the Internet of Things and how they want to achieve a plethora of benefits from the Internet of Things. Longview intends to address this in a Live Webinar event on the 19th of June 2019. According to the official website of LongviewIoT, the webinar will last for an hour.

Longview said that around 84% of companies around the world are planning to implement the Internet of Things or have already implemented the IoT. Most of the companies are unclear regarding matching their business goals with the technology. The ultimate challenge lies in finding out the perfect solution for the needs and necessities of the organization.

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