Oregon House Bill aims to make IoT devices secure for homes

by | Apr 18, 2019 | IoT News

The 2395 House Bill provided the vendors and outlets of the microwaves, intelligent electrical commercial appliances and even the smart light bulbs a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, these essential devices act the first line of defense when it comes to the Internet of Things. These online devices are powered by internet connectivity which is built right into them. Furthermore, it provides many useful and convenient solutions for people around the world. Given that these devices are smart there is always a highly likely chance that they can turn right against their owner if violations such as hacking or a DDoS attack takes place.

The bill to make the IoT devices safer from the very beginning in the Legislature of Oregon states that these devices to at least have reasonable security. The logical security states that these devices should be able to guard and protect the privacy of the owner at all costs. The Oregon Bill might have been inspired by the similar kind of bill that won the approval from the lawmakers in California back in September 2018.

By the looks of it, the House Representatives of Oregon have reportedly made approval of the bill 53 to 5 on Tuesday. And as of now, the bill is heading to the US state Senate. The bill is named as House Bill 2395, and based on the bill the manufactures need to take some drastic steps by providing each device with a unique set of passwords. Once the manufacturers start providing unique default passwords to these devices, the hackers won’t be able to crack multiple devices by just getting the password of a single device.

The bill also states another requirement which means that the users should be able to create new means by authenticating themselves even before they gain the unrestricted access of the IoT devices.

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