Optus Business and Myriota incorporate terrestrial IoT connectivity

by | Aug 20, 2019 | IoT Companies

Myriota, a cutting-edge Internet of Things start-up, has recently signed a deal with Optus Business for adding the fundamentals of mobile connectivity to their plans.

Moreover, the new collaboration would offer the latest state-of-the-art solution at a conventional rate to the customers of Myriota. Furthermore, the pair is all set to hit the market by providing four unique plans directed to their consumers. Additionally, this will be possible with the straightforward connectivity which comes from Myriota. It will also potentially add network connectivity alongside 4G & 5G connectivity. There is also the possibility that it would add the Narrow Band IoT SIM connectivity in the devices.

As of now, the present-day plans of Myriota offers around AU$500 a month for around 1MB data. The connectivity would receive approximately 50,000 messages in the existing plan. The 200KB data will allow the exchange of 10,000 messages for AU$125 every month. Moreover, the cheapest of the plans which will enable the users with 1,000 messages will have the AU$15 per month. The users can also make use of the 12-month window for almost AU$200.

Furthermore, the primary customers of Optus Business can also avail the same plans with any addition of the taxes. Dr. Alex Grant, the co-founder, and CEO of Myriota said that before this collaboration, the satellite connectivity was neither available, nor was it affordable for the distinctive businesses to sought remote assets.

The combination of the national networks of Optus with the nanosatellite ability of Miyota allows them to offer a completely holistic Internet of Things solution. The persisting connectivity issues in the country will finally come to an end with this collaboration. In 2018, Myriota collaborated with Marine Science division of Australia concerning the ocean drifters. Around the same time, Myriota did also raise around $15 million in its Series A funding.

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