Openapp utilizes IoT devices for providing security solutions

by | Aug 12, 2019 | IoT Companies

An expensive lock & key mechanism isn’t capable enough to keep thieving activities by bad actors at bay. In the last decade, the digital locks have taken over the conventional lock. Nevertheless, the startups across the world and in India are adopting Internet of Things technology. The companies believe that they can bring better security solutions in the sphere of IoT.

Back in the year 2015, Siddhesh Kaluskar, Rajshekar Jenne, and Gotama Gowda launched Openapp. With Openapp, customers across India can easily curate smart locks as per their preferences. Moreover, they can choose three categories while they build smart locks. The smart locks can be created using the Bluetooth, fingerprint sensors as well as GSM devices.

The official statement from the company states that each lock can be put into operation via the cloud. On the other hand, these locks can be opened from anywhere across the world. The locks of Openapp are found in two distinctive form factor factors such as door locks, and padlocks.

The history of Rajshekar and Gotama goes back to their childhood, meaning they were childhood friends. However, Rajshekar returned to India after working in the United Kingdom market. Later Rajshekar and Gotama came up with a plan to curate something with the Internet of Things. Then, the duo made came across Siddhesh after posting about job requirement on Facebook.

The three distinctive founders of the company come from three unique professional backgrounds. When they were discussing as to which area should they explore, the only conclusion that they reached was digital. However, the trio was yet to fiddle with IoT. Later they came up with Openapp, which was created in Gotama’s garage to provide convenient and affordable security to the people residing in India.

During their initial research, the trio concluded by saying that IoT would become a vast area by the time the world reaches to 2020. Currently, the experts are suggesting that IoT would connect much more devices to the internet than any other sphere.

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