Nordic enterprises see 5G services playing key role in IoT proliferation

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Press Release

A new report from Information Services Group (ISG) suggests that enterprises in the Nordic region consider the deployment of 5G mobile services as a catalyst for the proliferation of IoT solutions.

The report, titled ‘2019 ISG Provider Lens IoT Transformational Services, Technology, Solutions, Platforms, and Industries Report for the Nordics’, sees the IoT trend advancing in the Nordic nations as it is being set out or tested in the sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, smart buildings, and connected vehicles.

Nordic countries are very keen to embrace IoT and other technologies in order to make the lives of their citizens better in every way. The governments in Nordic countries are coming together through the Nordic Smart City Network that helps them create best practices for smart city projects and urban development.

According to the report, the issue of cybersecurity remains to be an important issue for the countries to address and hence they are planning to make investments in national security infrastructures to prevent cyberattacks.

The report also states connected vehicles and smart buildings as the next big growth areas for the IoT in the Nordic region and that is why local enterprises are looking for the right partners to ensure successful IoT deployments.

Earlier this month, Accenture acquired Sweden’s Northstream to expand its capabilities in the region. With this acquisition, Accenture aims to tackle CSP demand for network consulting programmes around 5G deployment and IoT connectivity, along with major transformational programmes that may include telecom network cloud deployments and operating model transformations.

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