Nord Drivesystems has worked for many years at gearing up itself for the Smart Factory automation to answer to its customers’ demand for advanced real-time communication.

As a German Company, the IoT trend has been well in the spotlight, and in Australia, the activity is rapidly accelerating. As a response to this call, Nord is now offering solutions to make real-time drive information available in Cloud environment. All the drive axes now can be scrutinized from anywhere and everywhere on the globe through an Internet connection.

Martin Broglia, the Managing Director of Nord Australia, said in a statement that the AUSPACK 2019 is possibly the best platform for displaying the company’s IoT solutions. Talking about their new IoT solution, Broglia said, “This intelligent drive has been thoroughly tested and has proven to perform reliably in a drive network, utilizing standard interfaces and components.”

Further, he explained, “AC vector drives and motor starters controlled via Profinet simultaneously transmit live status data in UDP packets, on the same bus line, without affecting regular control communication.”

The Cloud-based drives transmit data regarding their speed, voltage, power consumption, and their status.

Broglia said, “Tunnelled through a Siemens PLC, all of this information is transmitted to an IoT gateway and on into the cloud. Status data can then be analyzed for energy profiling, asset management, and remote maintenance purposes. Of course, any overload and error states can be visualized.”

The smart drives can even send supplementary application information into Cloud at any point in time. The other factors can be obtained from the available data status.

Nord is currently continuing its work for further refining the smart factory and IoT related concepts.