NIST brings new guidelines for IoT to secure TPMs & MCUs

by | Aug 22, 2019 | IoT News

At the beginning of August, the NIST did release its first draft related to the security feature recommendations for the Internet of Things device manufacturers. By the looks of it, it also ensures that the customers who want to deploy the Internet of Things devices should have a very minimal baseline feature. By the looks of it, this feature would enable robust security right within the devices.

The security for the Internet of Things devices is still the most important factor which is considered as an expensive add-on. Sometimes, it is also said to be an afterthought when it comes to development in a couple of chips. These systems stay connected to the network right in the middle of the connected devices.

People are talking about the imminent digital transformation as well as the impact that Digital transformation would have on the Internet of Things. Nevertheless, these people do not pay heed to the essential part of the on-going digital transformation, i.e., security. When it comes to IoT, security is still not said to be a core part of the technology. Nevertheless, there is a massive rate of awareness considering the potential impact concerning the network breach and the hack.

In addition to this, there has been a significant amount of botnet attacks on the Internet of Things over the years. Even a botnet attack namely Silex malware took control of more than 4,000 devices recently. By the looks of it, this is the only reason why some significant industries across the world are trying to figure out how to make IoT devices secure.

The shipment of Internet of Things devices which almost double by the time the world progresses to 2023. Moreover, this would also surpass the present-day 4 billion mark. It is extremely crucial to secure the microcontrollers and the TPM modules to make the future of IoT better.

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