NFC Forum: Improving connectivity of the IoT devices

by | Jun 19, 2019 | IoT News

A non-profit industry, NFC Forum in association with semiconductor, mobile communications, and consumer electronics companies have reportedly published a new specification to connect the Internet of Things devices to both apps and smartphones.

The all-new Tag NFC has the potential of simplifying the bidirectional exchange of both data betwixt smartphone featuring NFC and an Internet of Things device. According to the non-profit industry combines the transfer of data with the recently curated candidate version of the groundbreaking Connection Handover Technical Specification. In the long run, it will enable new Bluetooth solutions and products. Additionally, it will also allow a new version of NFC as well as Wi-Fi.

Together the new specifications will provide an ideal solution for the IoT devices based on microcontrollers, based on the report by NFC Forum. According to the chairman of the NFC Forum, Koichi Tagawa, the breakthrough will allow the customers along with the business users to quickly & easily benefit from an increasing number of IoT devices as these devices utilize the one-tap NFC paradigm.

According to the NFC Forum, TNEP will aid all the smartphone featuring NFC by allowing their apps in reading and writing tags will support TNEP by utilizing an app. On the other hand, these apps will be able to establish a bidirectional link consisting of NFC communication to the IoT devices without having to implement the LLCP to carry out P2P communication.

Bidirectional communication of the IoT devices suggests that the NFC-enabled smartphones will be able to read the real state from the IoT device. Later on, it will change the configuration of the Internet of Things device.

NFC Forum cites that the technology can be used at configuring a digital camera, an audio system, smart meters, lighting system, or even radiator valve. Moreover, the protocol can also be utilized where P2P has not yet been implemented on the pre-existing NFC readers, which doesn’t support the standard P2P mode.

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