New Silex Malware affected 1000s IoT sensors and devices

by | Jul 4, 2019 | IoT News

By the looks of it, a fourteen-year-old intelligent hacker has curated a pedigree of malware, namely “Silex malware.” So far, the malware has affected more than 4000 Internet of Things devices only in a couple of hours.

The year 2019 is no different from 2016 when Mirai Botnet destroyed hundreds of thousands of Internet of Things devices. The IoT devices are extremely vulnerable around the world due to attacks such as these. ZDNet has recently reported that the new malware called Silex has been struck. And thousands of the Internet of Things devices have been attacked, and then they are deemed useless.

The report also suggests that the new malware has been wiping the Internet of Things devices. Furthermore, it is reminiscent of a BrickerBot malware which is old and has destroyed millions of devices back in the year 2017. There is no secret that the Internet of Things has extremely low and vulnerable security solution. Some of the passwords are often left in the default settings; on the other hand, they easily overcome by the attacks that come from brute force.

The security concerns are also deemed as the leading factors which widen the enterprise deployment of the Internet of Things solution. The commercial home-based consumers are in a definitive risk, and this makes the deployment of the Internet of things tough. The home-based consumers are much aware of said risks that IoT devices. The recent stories regarding the hacked webcams which have raised critical awareness across the market.

It seems like the Internet Protocol address has reportedly added on the blacklist of URLhaus. And this also hints that something or the other is quite a little obvious as of now. Moreover, the blacklists are incredibly useful if a person would be able to use them in protecting the Internet of Things and connected devices along with CSPs.

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