New IoT packages launched by Nokia

by | Feb 13, 2019 | IoT News

The IoT packages launched by Nokia are built on the WING infrastructure of Nokia to win over new businesses in the IoT vertical markets. The IoT market is a lucrative one costing trillions of US dollars.

The Focus

The WING infrastructure of Nokia provides the IoT connection and support services. The connections include user applications, IoT sensors, and business models to suit the needs of various sectors of the markets. These applications give the operators the freedom to scale up the IoT services as and when required.

Various IoT services by Nokia


The IoT sensors capture the relevant data about the soil, crop and environment, and all the latest IoT updates. These data are then analyzed to provide insights as to how to increase the profits by managing the crops more effectively and reducing the costs of irrigation and fertilizers.


IoT sensors effectively track the movement of the goods and thus identify the incidents even before they happen thereby optimizing the delivery and the logistics process.

Livestock management:

The IoT devices track the overall health of the animals and also are responsible for looking into the welfare of the ranchers by providing those early alerts if any abnormalities are found thereby protecting the livestock and improving the yields.

Asset management:

IoT sensors can monitor the performance and status of the products by connecting them from anywhere around the world. This helps the enterprises to serve their customers in a better way and also to do business effectively.

Thus by quickly launching IoT services, the mobile operators can generate more revenues with a minimal investment. As per the latest IoT news Nokia is about to take the next logical step as to provide vertical applications’ infrastructure.

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