Qorvo recently introduced its all-new QPF4800; the first dual-band integrated front modules (FEMs) in order to enhance the company’s wireless connectivity technology. Besides, this newly developed FEM has also increased the company’s infrastructure solution portfolio.

Talking more about the new QPF4800, this small and efficient dual-band FEMs can support 2.4GHz to 5GHz of frequency bands. This product is designed for Wi-Fi 6 CPE- Customer Premise Equipment, which will support IoT.  The latest invention supports Wi-Fi, BLE, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB IoT, LTE, and Cellular. These are not just compact in size, but also can significantly extend the battery life of the products.

It may be noted that FEM technology of Qorvo supports latency, speed, reliability, and track the heat emitted. Besides, the technology offers an effective solution for reliability and connectivity challenges. Qorvo has tested and demonstrated its new QPF4800 Wi-Fi 6 FEM and other Wi-Fi solutions from September 13 to 17 at IBC.

Talking more about it, the new FEMs comes equipped with a power amplifier, an RF switch, low noise amplifier, and a limiter. It can significantly boost the liner output power by about 77 percent. It will consume only 20 percent lower power for MIMO- Multiple-Input Multiple-Output. This is something better than the old dual-band FEMs which support Wi-Fi 5.

It is expected that Qorvo is planning to obtain traction with its new FEMs. The reason behind this is they come in a compact form, offer strong interference mitigation, better efficiency, and the best thing is they are cost-effective. Moreover, the new FEMs will significantly reinforce the product portfolio of the company.

The company has witnessed a steady growth in recent years. The share return rate has increased to 27.6 percent from 24.2 percent. The increasing number of adoptions of Qorvo’s solution in connectivity and defense is the main reason behind the company’s share market growth.

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