NetObjex and Sectigo Collaborate to Secure IoT Edge

by | Jul 19, 2019 | IoT Companies

NetObjex is an Intelligent Automation platform that is effective in monitoring, tracking, and tracing the digital assets with the use of blockchain, AI, and Internet of Things (IoT). On the other hand, Sectigo is the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and also a provider of automated and purpose-built PKI management solutions. NetObjex and Sectigo announced their collaboration for secure edge computing. The partnership will benefit the manufacturers as well as the enterprises. It will happen by providing a trusted and secured computing infrastructure extending from the IoT edge devices to the blockchain as well as the cloud.

Through the collaboration with Sectigo, NetObjex will be able to provide enhanced security and a comprehensive platform to the enterprise customers. Data breaches of the edge devices are on the rise. Collaboration with Sectigo will help the enterprise customers of NetObjex to secure their valuable data.

By partnering with NetObjex, Sectigo is preserving the data, communication, and firmware of devices against the different bonnet attacks. By the collaboration, it is protecting its data against data loss and other device takeover attacks.

The growing data breaches pose a risk for the computing infrastructures of the enterprises. The partnership between NetObjex and Sectigo will reduce the risks related to security and will provide the market solution and products that are free from security issues. Increasing investments are made in AI, IoT, and blockchain. The enhanced security through the partnership will accomplish the rising need of the market.

The collaboration will equip both the companies to offer enhanced security for all the solutions and products. The partnership will be able to deliver enterprise-grade PKI solution to provide strong authentication. It will provide secure booting for all the edge devices of NetObjex. It will offer secured communication with the use of mutual authentication. With the signing firmware, the partnership will also provide secure firmware updates.

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