NB-IoT of Verizon will cover over nine-tenths of the US population

by | May 31, 2019 | IoT News

Verizon the telecom giant in the US has reportedly announced that the NB-IoT Network is live across the US. By the looks of it, the NB-IoT covers over 92% of the total population of the country. By the looks of it, the NB-IoT is an addition Internet of Things offering from Verizon.

The company also has a wide array of services such as APIs, management platform, an extensive ecosystem for empowering clients for curating cutting-edge Narrowband Internet of Things solution.

The NB-IoT has explicitly been curated for the Internet of Things application. The application could benefit from the lower cost chipsets, extended battery life, and excellent coverage options. NB-Internet of Things aids the developers in handling both non-Internet Protocol or Internet Protocol.

The NB-IoT provides the means to manage non-IP data traffic so that developers can curate more of simple as well as cost-effective devices which are great for everyday connectivity.

By the looks of it, the technology is exceptionally suitable for implementation in smart cities, industries, utilities, agricultural activities and to monitor changes in the environment.

The planning and tech development’s vice president, Bill Stone said that Verizon had revolutionized its own NB-Internet of Things network in their spectrum’s Guard Band. Verizon uses the complex Guard Band solution for the Narrow Band Internet of Things Network to showcase robust usage of spectrum assets. Additionally, it also provides the customers with a series of options they require to meet their daily needs.

Verizon is also trying to make progress in terms of edge computation/computing. Back in February 2019, Verizon made use of edge computing to slash the patency rate of 5G networking into halves. By the looks of it, the engineers of Verizon have installed software platform of MEC and its equipment into the network facility which is often close to the edge network.

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