Nayuta reveals a groundbreaking code for the Internet of Things devices

by | May 2, 2019 | IoT Companies

According to the sources, Nayuta is currently making its way towards the first of its kind lightning implementation for the Internet of Things devices. The application has been specially curated for the connected devices for exchanging data with among themselves. With the in-progress lightning integration, the live network of Bitcoin can be connected to facilitate real-time BTC transactions.

By the looks of it, the lightning implementation is the fourth release from the company. Up until now, the company has released startups such as Blockstream, Acinnq, & Lightning Labs.

The new implementation is called Ptarmigan which upon translation to English becomes “Thunder Bird.” The startup sees a massive potential of the micropayment element for the emerging industry of Internet of Things. For quite some time now, the industry has attracted a lot of attention from significant firms around the world. Most of these companies have been investing resources as well as time to integrate blockchain and Internet of Things.

The dominant firms around the world are still trying to figure out as to how they can integrate blockchain and IoT. Nevertheless, the recent updates and headlines are suggesting that the key players of the tech industry are trying to integrate IoT and blockchain.

Currently, Nayuta has partnered with one of the significant electric company from Japan to test the lightning payments to recharge the e-cars. On the other hand, the mobile semiconductor giant Qualcomm has also revealed that it has a similar kind of vision. But unlike Qualcomm, Nayuta has been stepping forward to test the mettle of the technology.

Kenichi Kurimoto said that the Internet of Things is the most crucial area when it comes to Lightning Network. Nevertheless, no one has any idea about the potential of the app. The breakthrough is the first step to integrate both blockchain and Internet of Things. And the combination of the tech will create a significant revolution.

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