NanoLock Security, an IoT Device Security Wins 4YFN Competition

by | Mar 2, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

NanoLock Security, based in Israel has reportedly won the competition called Four Years From Now by GSMA which took place in Barcelona during the week. NanoLock Security won the award for its low-cost security as well as the management platform which connects the Internet of Things and edge devices.

The product of NanoLock which utilises the virtual zero power resources or computing is comprised of an ability which can prevent cyber security attacks as well as a physical attack on the Internet of Things devices by merely protecting the boot image, firmware as well as crucial applications. The company also says that typically low-powered and small Internet of Things devices is indeed vulnerable to DDoS as well as Malicious attacks. These attacks can harm the commercial, consumer as well as industrial businesses.

The end-to-end security platform of the company, all by itself registers the Internet of Things devices which are furthermore found in the management system of the company. NanoLock also protects the underlying trust in the midst of the device and the cloud all through its complete life cycle.

When a breach in security takes place within NanoLock’s device, or if someone is trying to change the code of the device, NanoLock blocks as well as identifies the change in code. Later in immediately warns the system manager without having to alert the attacker.

The company has also announced its partnership with Cypress and Micron to work on the security of the Internet of Things as well as management originating from flash memory to the cloud.

The Four Years From Now conference is running alongside the Mobile World Congress. By the looks of it, the conference featured over 23,000 attendees, and 600 of the startup companies participated in the conference. NanoLock was deemed as the winner from five of finalists.

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