myDevices and SenTa launches the IoT Box

by | Apr 10, 2019 | IoT Companies

A Presence Across Nation India LoRaWAN provider of the network service, SenRa along with Internet of Things solutions company, myDevices have reportedly announced the launching of an “IoT in a Box” for the Indian Market. Through “IoT in a Box” the companies are trying to provide solutions based on end-to-end refrigeration monitoring. By the looks of it, the solution is meant for the commercial uses.

It is predicted that the Internet of Things market in India will touch USD 15 billion by the end of 2020. The cost-effectiveness of IoT solutions will become an integral segment to drive market growth in the country. Most importantly the cost-effectiveness of the Internet of Things will also give rise to massive adoption in India. As of now, there are around 90 billion commercial refrigerators unit around the world which are operational.

According to the latest survey and statistics, the worldwide demand for commercial refrigeration equipment is going to increase by 4.5% every year all through 2020. The recent collaboration between both the companies is going to help the country to drive a digital movement. Judging by the latest development that the companies have brought forward, the commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring is going to offer massive Internet of Things adoption in logistics, retail, hospitality, management of supply chain.

myDevices is trying to leverage the IoT in a Box solution along with LoRaWAN highly scalable network services by SenRa. The goal is to allow the distinctive businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, pharmaceutical labs, hospitals as well as food manufacturing units to efficiently monitor and manage the refrigerators along with the deep-freezing units in the real-time. IoT in a box has seen a massive amount of popularity around the globe. And the businesses which implemented the IoT platform have received massive returns.

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