Mozilla renovates its open source Internet of Thing platform: WebThings

by | May 24, 2019 | IoT News

Recently, Mozilla, the acclaimed community and provider of free software, has released its open-source Internet of Things platform. Previously, the community called the IoT platform, Project Things and now the platform has a new name, WebThings. The Mozilla WebThings brings forward a segment of alarm, logging, as well as networking features.

By the looks of it it, the Mozilla WebThings is more than the Web of Things, but the subtle difference is that the WebThings by Mozilla is open sources. The developers along with the world always prefer to use the open source. Mozilla WebThings has been curated keeping the W3C standard in mind.

The Web of Things W3C is a new type of initiative that aims at reducing the fragmentation of the Internet of Things via the recently released “Working Group of the Web of Things.” At first, the W3C curated the inception standards of Web of Things, which would reduce the developmental cost and diminish the risks that both customers and investors are often inflicted. W3C also enlist the exponential growth of the Internet of Things services and devices.

WebThings by Mozilla is an open source platform which controls and monitors the devices on the web. It is generally comprised of two significant components The WebThings Gateway and WebThings Framework. The WebThings Gateway has been specifically curated by making interoperability, security, and privacy as the core principles. On the other hand, Mozilla developed the WebThings Framework that helps the developers for building their very own web of things.

Additionally, with WebThings Gateway, the users can monitor & control the devices by simply connecting the connected devices to the web. WebThings Framework is also a collection of the software components that can be reused. They are designed to aid the developers for building their own web things, and this completely exposes the Web Thing Application Programming Interface.

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