Mozilla relaunches the WebThings, an open source IoT Project Things platform

by | Apr 19, 2019 | IoT Companies

For almost two years, people at the Mozilla have divulged themselves in chipping away the Project Things. By the looks of it, Project Things is an open implementation of the Consortium that furthermore brings Web of Things to life on the World Wide Web. The consortium helps to provide a standardized controlling and monitoring of the connected device.

And as of now, the people at Mozilla have researched a significant milestone. As of now, the project things are said to be graduating from the experimental phase, and they have given it a new name, Mozilla WebThings. Judging by the recent revelation, the Mozilla WebThings comes integrated with numerous alarm, logging & networking features.

Ben Francis, a software engineer said that the mission of the Internet of Things team at Mozilla is to curate a perfect implementation of the Web of Things that will embody the values of the advancement of the platform. On the other hand, the Web of Things will also be able to drive the underlying security, privacy and groundbreaking interoperability in the Internet of Things. Francis also said that they are currently looking forward to a foreseeable future where the Mozilla WebThings software will be installed on the commercialized products. In turn, this will provide the customer with an agent that they can trust for the connected home.

There are two primary components of the Mozilla WebThings, and the first is a software distribution which focuses on both security and privacy for the connected homes called the WebThings Gateway. And the second, WebThings Framework, a library of the recycled components of the software.

Mozilla is calling the latest version of the WebThings Gateway as the version 0.8, and this allows the users to utilize the private logged data such as temperature for their smart home devices. It also enables the consumers to in visualizing the info with an interactive graph.

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