ModuSense releases a new IoT platform the “Internet of Bees”

by | Mar 11, 2019 | IoT News

The global Internet of Things solution provider and the Reseller News award winner ModuSense launched a groundbreaking platform for beekeepers. The platform is based on the next big thing in the tech industry Internet of Things. According to the reports, the IoT platform is currently in the pre-production stage at Comvita.

With the help of this technology, the commercialized beekeepers are going to receive a lot more from the beehives. The technology will produce real-time data on the basis of temperature, weight as well as on humidity.

Right up to this moment, around 880,000 beehives which are registered beehives from New Zealand have so far produced a surplus amount of honey without any aid from the beekeepers. The reason why the feat was possible is that people in the honey-producing business had kept tabs on how the hives have been operating until the harvest day came into being.

Bruce Trevarthen, the founder of ModuSense, came forward with a statement and said that the goal of the new IoT platform of the company was to inflict the beekeepers to understand the hives in a better way. Trevarthen also noted that the Internet of Things platform would also aid the beekeepers to keep tabs on the performance of the bees. Furthermore, the beekeepers will be able to fabricate a good yield during the time of harvest as well as in reducing the cost right along the way.

According to Trevarthen, the hives are usually placed in remote locations which are tough for beekeepers to access. Monitoring these locations are extremely hard. Before the platform came into being the beekeepers had to make to way to these locations for retrieving the hive where they will witness the progress of the hive.

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