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MobiDev focuses on ongoing product delivery with a continuous reduction of time to market and support costs; bring flexibility and prompt adaptation to the existing business and tech environment. Operating under proven processes helped us launch over 350 successful software products since 2009.

What We Do

IoT app development services for enterprises and emerging companies.

Languages & Platforms

  • C/C++,
  • Java,
  • Android Things,
  • Python,
  • JS (Node-RED)


  • CoAP (IETF),
  • DTLS (IETF),
  • Eddystone (Google),
  • HTTP (IETF),
  • iBeacon (Apple),
  • MQTT (IBM),
  • STOMP,
  • WebSockets,
  • XMPP (IETF),
  • Bluetooth Low Energy,
  • WebRTC


  • Raspberry Pi,
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module,
  • Custom hardware


  • IBM Watson IoT Platform,
  • AWS IoT,
  • Azure IoT,
  • Google Cloud IoT,
  • Serverless (Python, JavaScript)

Contact Address

3855 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Suite 300, GA 30092, USA

Contact Information

+1 888 380 0276

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