Mirai botnet is back, and this time it targets the Internet of Things devices

by | Mar 20, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The researches around the world who keep tabs on the IoT devices have made a new strain at the beginning of 2019. The discovery states that the pressure is used in the brand new Internet of Things botnet that usually targets the smart signage wireless presentation and TV systems.

The people who wrote the botnet have reportedly spent significant time in upgrading the older versions of the malware called Mirai. According to the Palo Alto Networks, the Mirai malware comes with need deed. On the other hand, the newly coded Mirai botnet is using 27 exploits, and 11 of the exploits have recently made their way to Mirai.

According to the sources, the new version of Mirai is explicitly going to target the Internet of Things devices. And due to Mirai the devices based on Android OS may probably get affected due to this botnet. In the meantime, a much more sophisticated botnet called Torii botnet currently targets the Internet of Things devices.

The Internet of Things devices is going to be entirely affected by Mirai botnet which is exposed to Telnet ports. Most of the hardware makers are not willing to change the default credentials of the IoT devices. On the other hand, the hardware makers are well aware of the fact that the default credentials are going to pose a significant security threat.

The previous version of the botnet malware is utilizing the Mirai malware that usually targets the modems, routers, DVRs as well as security cameras. The breakthrough in Mirai malware is intentional, and they target distinctive smart TVs as well as wireless projecting systems. Most importantly the Supersign TVs from LG and WiPG-1000 wireless projector are in harm’s way. The exploits are living and breathing on the internet.

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