MindSphere IIoT Platform bags an award

by | Jun 10, 2019 | IoT News

Before MindSphere IIoT Platform, the notion of a robust Internet of Things platform was a little hazy. There are over hundreds of IoT platforms will be almost impossible, so choosing a new IoT offering seems a little unlikely to know. Nevertheless, new offerings are always released now and then, but only the popular ones survive without providing much notice.

Now, the number of Internet of Things platform, in industrial space are continually growing, and this makes counting them next to impossible. Among these platforms, some of the platforms become leaders, and the others bite the dust. Siemens is one of the gifted trailblazers in the world of IoT.

When Siemens revealed that it would focus on creating a revolution in the Internet of Things industry, the company has been entirely in the beginning. Siemens’ ambition to drive the next generation of the industrial revolution began several years before. Since then, the company persuaded excellence in the field, and now it has become a leading digital enterprise of the world.

MindSphere platform from Siemens first came into being in the year 2016, and now it has more than 1,100 customers across the world. Recently, Siemens was nominated in the category of “Achievement in the Internet of Things Integration” in IoT World Awards. The comprehensive capabilities of the partner and the platform spans numerous industry verticals to drive a massive customer base.

In the past 12 months, Siemens has witnessed tremendous growth in IIoT. According to Siemens, more than 1,100 customers that Siemens currently has comes from distinctive business units like curating technology, mobility. And the rest of the customers are from external sources.

The company is extremely optimistic about what is going to happen by mid-2020. Moreover, the company also said that they are paved the right path for themselves.

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