Middle East firms are adopting cutting-edge encryption for IoT

by | Apr 1, 2019 | IoT Technology

Cloud and Internet of Things are the next stages of technological advancements. These groundbreaking technologies are getting deployed at a staggering rate all through the Middle East. The organizations are also increasingly adopting the encryption for protecting the data from both internal as well as external threats, according to a recent study.

The utilization of emerging technologies such as Docket, Internet of Things as well as the cloud is paving ways for creating risk in the security of these techs. And in turn, this is compelling the tech organizations from around the world to solely focus on protecting the data solutions, according to nCipher Security. On the other hand, nCipher Security is the top-notch integrity, trust, and control provider for the applications and businesses that need critical information. And this was reported in a study called, “2019 Encryption Trends Study.”

The advance application, as well as solutions of information security by nCipher along with the study, is all set to showcase at the largest conference and cybersecurity exhibition ever recorded, “Gisec.” The exhibition is going to feature the best in class cybersecurity providers from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Gisec is going to take place in the World Trade Center of Dubai from 1st of April to the 3rd of April.

In the year 2019, around 36% of the respondents located in the Middle East have reported that their organization has an overall encryption strategy which is consistently applied across different enterprises. And the numbers have risen in the last three to four years. On top of that, most of the organizations are utilizing the HSMs for protecting and managing the encryption keys which have increased from just 28 percent in the previous year to around 50 percent in the current.

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