Microsoft’s Report: A serious lack in the technical expertise

by | Aug 2, 2019 | IoT Companies

The significant-tech giant in the world Microsoft recently came up with a groundbreaking Internet of Things Signals report. The report aims at uncovering the ongoing trends which surround the global adoption of the Internet of Things. Microsoft brought the survey into being after the software giant interviewed more than 3,000 Internet of Things decision markers around the world.

According to sources, Microsoft asked adopters of the Internet of Things as to how they view the Internet of Things. Microsoft’s interview also included the rate of adoption, trends of the technology, adoption challenges, and other benefits the IoT represents.

According to the survey, around 85% of the decision-makers have already adopted the Internet of Things. These decision-makers are retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and government. Moreover, 88% of the total respondents also believe that the Internet of Things is also critical when it comes to the success of the company.

Moreover, 94% of the companies are going to use the Internet of Things technology in the next couple of years. Additionally, the top-notch decision makers are adopting the Internet of Things for optimizing the operations, safety, and productivity of the employee.

Significant companies are also struggling to bring the terms alongside the complexity of the Internet of Things. Most of the struggle is seen while integrating the solutions concerning the Internet of Things. Respondents ranging 28% have already said that the top-most challenge that comes with IoT adoption is in the technicality and complexity. There is also a sheer lack in terms of technical expertise.

According to the decision-makers, 47% of the employees said that there aren’t enough workers that have perfect skills when it comes to the Internet of Things. IoT is a brand-new technology, hence finding the perfect workforce for adopting the Internet of Things solutions will be quite challenging. The report also states that the rate of IoT adoption is much higher than in the past.

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