Microsoft will focus on the Internet of Thing Platform services

by | Mar 9, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

In the previous week, the tech giant Microsoft has announced that the company is going to shutter the Microsoft Band & the Microsoft Dashboard applications as well as services from 31 of May. The users of the band can easily export the data before the clock struck 31st of May. Some of the active users of the band are going to be eligible for receiving a steep refund for the troubles that they are going to face.

Microsoft Band is the fitness tracker from the company has been discontinued back in the year 2016 in October because this was the time when the Microsoft Band faced stiff competition from an acclaimed smartwatch maker, Fitbit. Nevertheless, the tech giant kept of supporting the users of the device by helping them to continue operating the cloud-based app as well as services. With the help of the services and apps, the users were able to monitor heart rate and well as daily activity.

Microsoft decides to kill of the Band for good because the company is investing all of its resources as well as technological advancement for the markets focusing on the Internet of Things as well as mobile markets. Microsoft is focused on providing the services based on an enterprise platform, and later the tech giant is going to target on building numerous services as well as devices for the end users.

This revelation hints that the company is making its effort towards the Internet of Things as well as mobile devices to work on Microsoft Azure, the acclaimed cloud computing platform from Microsoft. With the help of Microsoft Azure, the users can bring the whole of the Internet of Things to any device and also to any platform they wish to without having to change the infrastructure of the device or the platform.

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