Microsoft releases Azure SQL Database Edge & Plug and Play IoT

by | May 3, 2019 | IoT Companies

Microsoft has announced that it will bring the Plug and Play version of IoT. By the looks of it, it can be easily plugged into any Windows PC without having to download and install the drivers to the Internet of Things device.

Inversely, connecting even a simple Internet of Things device requires some work given that the architecture of the IoT device is ultra-modern and it has cutting deployment tools. The Plug and Play Internet of Things has the capability of simplifying the process of deployment. And this also suggests that the problems which the users face with software and hardware configuration to get the IoT devices ready will finally change with the Plug and Play module.

During the announcement, the corporate VP of Azure, Julia White wrote that connecting to a vast number of IoT devices to the cloud is the most challenging aspect of the Internet of Things. The issue persists because of the heterogeneous nature of the IoT devices. Generally, the Internet of Things devices has different form factors, a system for operation, processing capabilities and memory. According to Microsoft, the subtle differences in the IoT devices is holding the technology.

With Plug and Play, the developers will be provided with an open modeling language. The module will allow them to connect the IoT devices to the cloud and they won’t have to code to get the IoT devices working.

The software giant Microsoft cannot do this alone as the company needs the support of software and hardware vendors in the Internet of Things ecosystem. Until now, Microsoft has signed up for collaborating with numerous partners such as Brainium, Askey, Kyocera, Compal, Thundercomm, VIA Technologies, and STMicroelectronics.

Microsoft has confirmed that there are dozens of device which are Plug and Play-ready. And the users to want to use these devices can find them in the Catalog of Azure IoT Device.

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