Microsoft is tightening its grip in the world of Internet of Things

by | Mar 6, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The American tech giant Microsoft has revealed a segment new and enhanced Internet of Things features for the Windows 10 Internet of Things platform during the event, Embedded World 2019.

The three major innovative highlights from Microsoft at Embedded World 2019 were:

  • Windows Service Internet of Things 2019 – The tech giant initiated an Internet of Things platform for the devices based on server-class. Microsoft is calling the platform as Windows Service Internet of Things 2019. The company did not reveal a lot of details related to the forthcoming Windows Server Internet of Things 2019, and however, with the technology, the manufacturers can easily construct server-class Internet of Things edge devices that entitles the large volume of storage capacity.
  • ROS – For the first time in the last three years, Microsoft shared a brief description of the Robot Operating System also known as ROS. The ROS is a group of software libraries as well as tools which helps the users for building robot applications. With the help of Windows IoT.ROS, the developers can develop and utilize the commercial grade of Robot Operating System solution on the Windows 10 operating system. ROS is wholly based on Linux OS, and it was announced for the first time back in October 2018. With the help of ROS, the developers can programme the smart edge capabilities along with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Software – The last and the final IoT-based solution that Microsoft announced was the acclaimed Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Software. Microsoft Azure will be bundled with Windows 10 IoT. Azure will help the customers to scale their Internet of Things solution all through the cloud and the edge modules of IoT.

These new ventures will help the company in going toe to toe with Amazon Web Services in the Internet of Things market platform.

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