Microsoft is boosting its IoT offering after acquiring Express Logic

by | Apr 26, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The software giant, Microsoft had recently acquired the developer of RTOS aka Real-Time Operating System for IoT and edge devices. The deal is going to foresee the ThreadX RTOS from Express Logic and engineering staff to come together for providing a backbone to the growing demand for IoT.

William E. Lamie, the CEO of Express Logic said that after becoming an integral part of Microsoft, the company believes that their customers are going to be positioned in a better way for unlocking the never-before-seen capability of the Internet of Things. William E. Lamie conveyed this via a blog post.

Express Logic based at San Diego was founded in the year 1996. ThreadX RTOS by Express Logic complements the security offering of Microsoft into the Azure Sphere, an acclaimed microcontroller space.

Microsoft said that the ThreadX RTOS has reportedly been deployed for more than 6.2 billion times and this makes the RTOS the most used microcontroller unit in the whole world.

Sam George, director of Microsoft Azure, took it to a blog post and said that with the help of this acquisition, Microsoft Azure would be able to unlock the access to billions of the endpoints connected. At the same time, the number of devices will also grow in a staggering way. These devices are seamlessly connected to the sphere of Azure for enabling new and smart capabilities.

These devices are generally used for supporting the environments which are usually resource-constrained. Some of the notable devices are the low capacity sensors such as light bulbs, medical devices, air conditioners, temperature gauges, and network appliances.

These devices are specifically constructed to even work on the highly-constrained device like the one that is powered by battery and sports a flash memory which is less than 64KB.

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