Microsoft incorporates protection for Azure

by | Jul 31, 2019 | IoT Companies

Recently, Microsoft said that it is going to make the Security Center of Azure available to the general public. Microsoft Azure is a specially curated IoT device which provides different firms with robust security posture management. By the looks of it, the new security management also protects against threats for the IoT devices that have been deployed so far.

The AI Security and CTO of Microsoft, Michal Braverman-Blunmenstyk said that the Security Center of Azure will protect the conventional yet modern-day end-to-end Internet of Things deployment. It identifies and responds to the threats at the same time and also finds issues regarding configuration even before the attackers can do their job.

The Security Center of Microsoft Azure is available three years for now. Most of the organizations around the world are utilizing Azure IoT platform for three years now. Moreover, this also suggests that Microsoft Azure Internet of Things is available since mid-2016.

The reason Microsoft Azure is exceptionally famous among different organizations is that it is good at identifying and responding to various security threats which target the cloud application of Azure. Also, the security solution helps in identifying & responding to Virtual Machines.

The Internet of Things Security Center of Azure would help the cloud customers of Microsoft in detecting, preventing, and helping against impending attacks. Most of the attacks target the complete range of components that make the corporate Internet of Things devices completely vulnerable.

Usually, the attackers target the Azure Internet of Things Hub, databases, computation, storage, AI/ML workloads. The organizations need the service mentioned above to make the deployment of the Internet of Things possible. The Internet of Things also supports the Security Centre of Azure; however, this isn’t enough for the professionals of SecOps. With the Security Center, organizations around the world can keep an eye on the machines, IoT devices, networks, and Azure services.

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