Microsoft gains control of Express Logic to push IoT

by | Apr 19, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

This week on Thursday, Microsoft has reportedly acquired the company proficient in making software for the embedded devices, Express Logic. Nevertheless, the only thing that Microsoft disclosed was the acquisition. And on the other hand, the terms of the acquisition are not discussed when the content was penned down.

However, the recent move from Microsoft reflects the company’s focus on delivering and generating revenue related to the so-called Internet of Things. On top of that, this new move also described that a wide array of simple devices would be able to gain full functionality by directly connecting itself to the world wide web or the internet. Once these simple devices are connected to the internet, it becomes easier to receive network updates, data and much more.

The administrations will be able to use the cloud service of Microsoft Azure which will provide them a benefit in managing the devices remotely. By the looks of it, this will also help them to set up models of Artificial Intelligence which can be swiftly deployed on the local devices. Some of the major cloud providers such as Google, Amazon along with some of the other functionalities related to the Internet of Things.

The software giant, Microsoft is still trying to gain the attention of the investors by making its cloud robust with every passing day. By the looks of it, in the most recent quarter, the commercial cloud revenue has reportedly represented over 25% of the revenue of the company.

According to Express Logic, there have been around 6.2 billion deployments of the acclaimed ThreadX operating system which reflects the widespread nature of the internet connected devices. The people overseeing the Windows software department are tasked with monitoring the activity of the devices.

Microsoft has designed another version of Windows 10 which are specifically designed for the internet connected devices.

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